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 Dec 14, 2011


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     How would you rate your self-control or self-discipline in regards to sticking to a diet?  It usually differs from person to person, but for those who find it hard to control themselves when temptation is staring straight at them; self-control is something of a stranger.  All efforts in abstaining from sweets and treats are often completely lost once a cupcake or cookie is in clear sight.  Preemptively, many people ask of their friends “Please don’t let me eat anything bad” or “You are my moderator, I can’t have any sweets”… I don’t know about you, but this sounds a bit irresponsible.  Although it is helpful to have a friend or loved one support you in your goal of adhering to a proper diet, essentially you have the last word.  If you have a soul, you have will power.  In attempts to reach your own personal goals, holding other people responsible for your own actions will only encourage your perpetual lack of self-control.  Notice the key word in the last sentence: SELF.  So take take charge, hold yourSELF accountable for your own actions.  Once you take control of your behavior, only then will you be able to successfully reach the personal goal of adhering to a special diet.

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