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Labor Day Weekend Lush

 Sep 4, 2011


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Labor Day Weekend Lush

As with any holiday weekend, we are simultaneously dreading yet anticipating the hallmark activities such as eating and drinking which accompany such celebrations.  Although I personally deem it important to be able to enjoy and appreciate the fruits of your labor; by letting loose and devouring a decadent cupcake or downing a couple of Coronas on such a placid day; the majority of people are quite unaware that they will  have taken overindulgence a bit too far.  Or they may happen to take notice after the 3rd cupcake has been consumed, or the diminishing inhibitions due to the alcohol consumption has removed their sensible judgement.  Consequently, the end result may be consumption until capacity.  In other words, eating so that “I’m so full, I can’t even walk”, or even experiencing  feelings of guilt; as the week’s hard work of eating healthy and working out may have been thrown away in a mere couple of hours.

For those who happen to run marathons on a weekly basis, or consistently train for Ironman Triathlon competitions, I may be speaking facetiously.  But for the average Joe out there, the caloric cost likely to be incurred may be alarmingly detrimental.

*I may be kicking a dead horse; but for those who actually want to exert an effort into vigilantly watching your caloric intake, yet be able to enjoy the holiday… what can you do?

1.  Don’t skip breakfast.  I know that in expectation of eating more than normal a certain day, many people tend to fast or skip meals with the mindset that this behavior will offset the total calories that will be consumed that day.  But in reality, skipping meals will only make you hungrier and drive you to eat more which ironically washes that caloric deficit that you made in skipping breakfast.  Not only will breakfast keep you full in the morning, it will also help boost your metabolism for the day.  You will also be less inclined to overeat because you will not be as hungry, and being conscious of the fact that you have already eaten a decent breakfast will aid in being more conscious in your decision making when you do arrive at the party/bbq.

2.  DO drink plenty of water periodically, this will also aid in keeping you satiated.

3.  DON’T hover around the appetizer table, you are more inclined to unconsciously snack into oblivion.

4.  Simply, know your limits. Don’t wait for your body to tell you that it has had enough, just the mere fact of being conscious that you’ve eaten more than 2 or 3 servings will deter you from getting that 4th or 5th.

Even though I believe in eating healthy to an extent on holidays, I don’t believe in depriving oneself, so enjoy the holiday but be mindful that all of your actions have a consequence!

One Response to “Labor Day Weekend Lush”

  1. Jay says:

    Thanks for the great tips and reminders Fitmax!

    Breakfast skipping is my specialty, but then throughout the day I wonder why I’m spending a fortune on food to satisfy my underfed belly…

    Eating a great breakfast in the morning also helps you save cash! By the time lunch hits, it is alot easier to walk passed that hotdog vendor tempting you with his greasy fries…

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