Diet and exercise are not just hobbies or something that you pick up after you have realized that you have gained a little bit of weight or need to train for a certain sport. Diet and exercise should be the cardinal components of your life. Incorporating these factors into the ultimate equation of your existence will only result in longevity and a healthy and happy quality of living.

Weight loss – Is there a wedding on the horizon? Are you the heaviest that you have ever been? Or do you have that extra 10 lbs. that you just can not seem to shed?

Strength/Conditioning – Ever stepped foot into a gym, but had no idea about what to do? Or are you not able to discern between a dumbbell or barbell? Are you training for a specific sport, but lack a strength regimen to your training?

Toning/Defining – Could your legs/arms look any flabbier every year that you get older?

Boot-Camp Style Programs – Are you bored with your current routine? Ready to take it to the next level, and really learn what it feels like to sweat?

Nutrition Guidance – Do you really know what you are putting into your body, and the effect that certain types of food has on your internal and external body system?

Injury Rehab/Prevention – You’re a month out of physical therapy from a torn achilles tendon, how do you begin a training program on your own without the fear of injuring yourself again?

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